Hey guys, I was recently hit by a car head on. Please be careful out there! Helmets!!

Bike Conversion

The before picture

It’s a shame the carbon fiber rims had to go. So much vibration and doesn’t not match the New wheel.

Here is Steve‘s bike. A classic Schwinn, full suspension with a very unique frame style! This bike was a pleasure to convert And I had a lot of fun doing it. Please check out pictures of my battery build. Link to follow

Strip handle bars

First we strip the handle bars

Remove the grips, shifter and brake levers. If you have a grip shift, sorry but that has to be moved all the way to the left, unless you have a thumb throttle. We have all types available.  Then the right brake lever throttle and finally your grips. 

Then we do the same for the left side. 

Mount your display play and buttons. 



Display S830

Mount the rear hub motor

Mount the rear hub motor with torque arm.

This can be a tough process by your self. You will need to spread the swing arm for a little to insert the washers. If you don’t you will not be able to reach your lowest gear without the chain rubbing on the frame. Ask a friend for help, or we can do it for you!

Mounting the controller and battery

Please stay tuned as we will show you how we build the battery in an up and coming section!

Find a good spot for the battery and controller. 

Stay tunes for more as this build will be complete in the next day or 2. 


Steve's bike is finally finished!!

All finished.

The bike is finally done. It's very fast topping out at 47 mph.  Decided to go with a 48v battery for this reason. I actually rebuilt a battery so Steve will be safe.